Catfish Keith

USA (Territory: Scotland only)

We are incredibly proud to be working with and planning tour dates for our all-time favourite blues man, Catfish Keith.

In an incredible career that (in 2022) will span thirty years, he has toured Europe/UK fifty times, built a huge following of admirers and performed alongside many of the best names in the business, including Ray Charles, John Le Hooker and Robert Cray.

Led Zep frontman, Robert Plant is such a big fan that he invited him to open the show on every one of the American and European tour dates he had planned in 2020 …until the pandemic came along and spoiled the party.

A masterclass performer, and true bottleneck/guitar/blues legend, the award-winning three-times Grammy-nominated performer is frequently praised for his “breathtaking” stage style.

When he appears on stage, the performance is so big, bold and expressive, you might be forgiven for imagining there’s a full band up there with him.
Right now, his twentieth album is currently being raved about in all the right quarters, picking up tons of radio exposure and great reviews.

An unstoppable force, the engine room that drives all he does has never been in better shape.